What other people have said about Kim 

“Kim is an exceptional organisation design and development consultant. She has that rare ability to analyse the whole system and apply a simple strategic framework to lead the organisation's leaders to success. Without a doubt, she is the most talented HR professional that I have ever had the privilege to work with.” (Executive Director, People & Strategy)


“Kim’s energetic and positive but challenging style has added huge value. No situation has phased her, and she has always brought a fresh, inspiring and engaging approach to every interaction.” (CEO, Research Centre)


“Kim is a highly skilled professional. She has supported my department of 70 to develop their self-, team and social awareness in building an even stronger team focused on excellent delivery and continuous improvement. I recommend her without reservation.” (Director, International Recruitment)


“She has passion, commitment and courage…with a great balance of support, challenge and drive.” (Leadership Coach)


“Kim combines a set of qualities rare in one person… She thinks at different levels, from the individual in terms of how organisational contexts may affect people, through to the strategic in terms of how a developing environment provides both opportunities and threat. I cannot recommend Kim enough.” (Associate Professor)


“She has that rare quality of achieving the correct pitch for change related communications, which is key to dealing with human aspects of transformation.” (Senior Project Manager, Utilities)

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