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Change stubborn behaviours through little challenges

​"In ten years of curating the DO Lectures, I have been lucky enough to watch over 300 talks. I can honestly say this: Katie’s was one of the most powerful I have seen over that decade. Ever." David Hieatt, DO Lectures

Katie Elliott shares ideas, inspiration and practical tools to help make the messy business of being human a little bit easier.

Katie battled with perfectionism, overwhelm and a series of debilitating mental health problems for 32 years. Her instinct had always been to try hard to do amazing things and look for miracle cures resulting in what she calls ‘crumpling’. When those didn't work, she created Little Challenges, making tiny positive changes and committing to them long-term with extraordinary results.

She’s learned how to do things gently, rewire her brain through healthy habits and routines and keep on top of basic day-to-day responsibilities. These things can have a transformative effect on moods and a huge impact on resilience and self-confidence.

To find out more, listen to Katie’s inspirational story shared at the DO Lectures 2018 below, or visit her website at

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