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personal insight for professional growth.

Welcome to a different kind of leadership development consultancy.


Helping people find stability and constancy in the glorious, unpredictable and often messy business of human complexity is how I spend my days. 


I design and deliver development experiences with, and for, leaders and teams. Using creative ways to get straight to the root of a problem, I respect the symptom and treat the cause.


My unique approach doesn’t replace what’s already working. It’s about fine-tuning and making improvements together, raising awareness of the choices available to organisations and their people.


Creative and curious, I do things slightly differently to others in my field.  A leadership consultant, facilitator and coach, I focus on nuanced personal and inter-personal development that creates profound professional results. 


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My Services.

I create personalised initiatives for professionals at the top. By collaborating with senior leaders, we find solutions together that work and keep working.


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I provide the tools so teams can fix their own problems. My approach is varied but the results are always the same: a team that heads towards success as one.

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