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Team. Work.

Every team is unique. Every problem is distinct. Every solution I provide is tailor-made to break down the barriers that are keeping people stuck.


After assessing behaviour and attitude, not just process and protocol, I provide the tools so teams can fix their own problems. As a facilitator, team coach, leadership development specialist and transformation consultant, my approach is varied. And always effective.


Maybe your team isn’t operating as more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps it isn’t performing well enough, or there are conflicts that haven’t been dealt with. Maybe previous efforts to resolve an issue have fallen short, which has compounded the problem further. Whatever it is, it’s fixable.

I design and deliver:

  • Team away days

  • Leadership development programmes

  • Strategies off-site

  • Action learning sets

  • Team coaching and 360 feedback

  • Team profiling using Insights Discovery and Myers-Briggs

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