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A ‘why’ in team.
The challenge

A top-level team at a university research centre needed to transform its business and culture. It operated in a complex, regulated environment and its framework for change was becoming increasingly impractical. Team members were focused on harmony, but weren’t having the uncomfortable yet crucial conversations about their differences of opinion.

My solution
  • Facilitated team conversations in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Applied bespoke frameworks that enabled a holistic view with greater objectivity and analysis and helped build consensus.

  • Offered input and provocation for deeper discussion around leadership, change, organisation design, culture, strategy, talent development and succession planning.

  • Recorded and shared output from the team’s consultation to maintain momentum and document decision-making.

  • Designed and facilitated interventions as required over a number of years.

The result 
Quote from the CEO

"It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Kim over the last few years. Organisational development is a priority and Kim has played a major role in helping us evolve and develop. Kim’s energetic and positive but challenging style has added huge value to the sessions she has led or jointly led. No situation has phased her, and she has always brought a fresh, inspiring and engaging approach to every interaction. Her attention to detail and support in terms of resources and the notes has always been excellent and has ensured the learning, development and actions are embedded."

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