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Managing to lead.
The challenge

A highly capable senior manager in a university was promoted into a leadership role at a time of significant organisational change. They were becoming overwhelmed with the reality of transitioning from hands-on management to leading, and delivering business as usual while forming a new team.

My solution
  • Held six face-to-face 90min sessions over a period of nine months, and three more follow up sessions after six months.  

  • Created time and space to explore what was being experienced and make sense of the situation by using live problems and situations, not theoretical ones.

  • Helped them understand what a leadership role is and isn’t.

  • Enabled them to recognise in themselves what was going on and their contribution to the situation.

  • Facilitated putting theory into practice and worked through live problems like dealing with challenging conversations and how to get a mutually beneficial outcome. 

The result 
Quote from the Deputy Director

"Kim’s strong knowledge of organisational development along with an in-depth understanding of the university sector has been invaluable throughout my leadership journey. She is adept at breaking down seemingly intractable problems into their component parts and finding workable solutions in order to move forward. Kim's enthusiasm and desire to help me succeed has been invaluable. She is skilled at equipping leaders with the necessary toolkit and the confidence to implement tangible and sustainable solutions. Her continued support over the past few years has been essential in facilitating change. I thoroughly enjoy working with Kim."

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