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intents, not intense.
The challenge

A talented and well-respected senior manager in a global engineering company was seconded to work in an overseas office with a very different workforce and culture to the UK. Perceived as abrasive and not able to manage conflict situations effectively, their behaviour was causing tensions and affecting their, and their team’s, performance.

My solution
  • Held five virtual 90-min sessions over a period of six months. 

  • Introduced the concept of psychometric profiling to better understand individual preferences on a human level.

  • Explored behaviours and drivers for them to better understand what was going on – the meaning being given to the situations presenting themselves.

  • Challenged the incorrect assumption being made that they had a skill deficit.

  • Helped them unpack and make sense of what was going on and where next for them to achieve their longer-term ambitions and thrive.

The result 
Quote from the Senior Manager

"I really enjoyed the process of working with Kim…I feel we covered an incredible spectrum of themes in a comparably short time. The coaching with Kim has definitely been the most effective and useful professional development that I have done so far in my life. (Kim’s working style) is a combination of encouragement, critical and thought-provoking questions and a few personal stories that explain ideas or concepts. When Kim and I started, I was trying to figure out how I want to live in the next 5-15 years. After five calls with Kim, I feel I have figured out the key elements. I enjoy self-development and process of analysing and solving problems but it would have taken me so much longer alone. And would have probably given up in the process. So Kim’s support was incredibly useful."

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