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Top tips for a simpler life

What are some of the things we can do to simplify our lives and reduce feelings of anxiety?

This short video from The School of Life challenges us to accept that what registers as feelings of anxiety is typically no freakish phenomenon. Instead it is our mind’s logical, enraged plea not to be continuously and exhaustingly overstimulated.

Some of the things we may need to do to simplify our lives:

  1. Fewer people, fewer commitments

  2. Recognise that what is physically possible for us to achieve in a day is not psychologically wise or plausible

  3. Get plenty of sleep and/or more rest

  4. Disconnect from too much (digital) information – we simply don’t need to know it all, it's not good for us and much we can't do anything about

  5. Take time to think consciously and reflect, so our minds don’t need to do in subconsciously through insomnia and anxiety. Useful questions to ask might be: 1) What is making me feel anxious?, 2) Who has caused me pain and how? 3) What is exciting me?

  6. Manage expectations – consider where the real rewards in life may lie

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