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A colourful approach to exploring personality with Insights Discovery

The origins of personality trait theory date back to ancient Greece and Hippocrates, with many researchers subsequently expanding on this knowledge. Insights has built on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to develop the Insights Discovery learning systems.

As an Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner, I use profiles to help people understand themselves and others by considering why we behave the way they do. The tool uses colour to create a common language that can help people build rapport, adapt their style and strengthen personal and professional relationships.

To create your profile, you need to spend around 30mins completing an online preference evaluator. From the answers you give, your own unique and detailed personality profile will be produced, showing how your behavioural preferences may influence your personal style in the workplace.

To get a flavour of the the profiling process and results, take a free 'teaser' assessment at:

Download a sample copy of an Insights Discovery Profile at:

To find out more and arrange for your own unique profile, contact

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