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A GROW model for self-care in 10mins

GP and mental health specialist Dr Lee David has developed a 10 minute 'GROW' method to support people in the moment with self-care and reconnection to the present.

Based on the principles of Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), it's a simple practice that anyone can follow.

  • G – Follow your inner guidance

  • R – Be ready for action

  • O – Be open and observe

  • W – Engage with your wise mind

G is all about connecting with your core values and what’s most important to you right now. Reminding yourself of these can provide a powerful sense of purpose and meaning. It also helps to raise our awareness to the habits we may be engaged in on autopilot.

R focuses on the actions we take to live our values. What are the specific yet manageable ‘micro steps' you can take towards what you value? Small steps that are doable right now, that take less than 10 mins, that break the autopilot habits? The choice-points for moves towards what's important to you, rather than 'away moves'?

O requires us to create space to pause and 'notice the now'. To sit with how you’re doing without judgement. Notice, connect with and accept the spectrum of thoughts, emotions and feelings you are experiencing, with curiosity and compassion.

W engages our wise mind. The wisest part of ourselves is accepting and supportive. Our compassionate leader, it considers the bigger picture and helps us ground ourselves. It may be an image or a person that represents that wise mind for you. The calming voice of your wise mind can help us acknowledge and respect the other parts of us that may be feeling more vulnerable, anxious, angry or afraid.

Hear Lee present her method and have an opportunity to experience it at an Action for Happiness event on 14 September 2022 below...

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