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How to become the leader I want to be - at every logical level?

Cause and effect. The law of unintended consequences. Some processes, events, and other phenomena are created through their relationships with other processes, events, and phenomena.

A powerful tool to highlight the links and alignment between what we think, what we do and the results we get is Robert Dilts’ hierarchy of logical levels.

Each level has a direct relation to the level below it in the hierarchy. Something on an upper level could ‘radiate’ downward, facilitating change on the lower levels. Something on a lower level could, but would not necessarily, affect the level above.

Because working and learning at the higher levels is more complex, challenging and requires more brain capacity, we often default to tackling the lower levels first.

However the power in this model is the holistic approach it takes – looking at the whole system to explore what’s going on, rather one dimension. This way, you can make a better-informed decision about what level to work to bring about the required change.

Explore each level through the questions below to better understand the type of leader you want to be…

Level 6 – Purpose (why I exist)

  1. Looking to the future, what’s the biggest difference you would like to make in the world through what you do as a job?

Level 5 – Identity (who I am)

  1. Looking to the future, what type of leader do you want or need to become?

  2. If you did become this leader, how would others describe you and what you have done?

  3. What do you need to change to become this leader?

Level 4 – Values & Beliefs (why I do)

  1. Why do you think it is important to move to this new identity as a leader?

  2. What sort of difference will this make?

Level 3 – Skills & Capabilities (how I do)

  1. What skills and capabilities do you need to develop over the coming months?

  2. How could you build/develop these?

  3. Which existing skills can you leverage?

  4. How are you going to use these improved skills?

Level 2 – Behaviours (what I do)

  1. What actions/behaviours do you see yourself doing more of?

  2. What new/different habits do you need to develop going forward?

  3. How could you make this happen?

  4. What old habits might be hard to break?

  5. What impact will these changes have on others you work with?

Level 1 – Environment (where, when, with whom I do)

  1. What will your work environment be like? (Look, sound, feel like)

  2. How would you like to describe this environment in the next 3-6 months?

  3. What changes will be visible?

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