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Key principles for collective creativity

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

‘How do people get new ideas?’ is by taking a shower or walking the dog or doing the dishes. Insights occur most often when we’re alone, our minds are at rest and we’re not consciously thinking.

Yet the ‘cerebration session’ or brainstorm can be a valuable tool to share your ideas with others, to combine them and to produce a whole raft of new thoughts.

Writer and coach Richard Holman offers advice on how brainstorming can be done well, with some help from a classic essay by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov...

  1. Get the personnel right

  2. Mood matters

  3. Don't begin with the brainstorm

  4. Don't let the loudmouth win

  5. Have a leader

  6. Without quantity there'll be no quality

  7. It's the most uncomfortable ideas that are often the most valuable

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