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[Podcast] Valuing people over processes - Wellbeing in a world with (and without) C-19

As we continue to deal with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, the proliferation of advice and guidance about how to combat depression, increase levels of resilience and improve the wellbeing of your people is not always helpful.

In reality, leading and managing universities at such a time is challenging enough without another long list of “things you must do” to add to the pile or to feel terrible about not prioritising.

In this conversation, AHUA associate Kim Newton-Woof invites former colleague clinical psychologist Dr Nick Maguire to share his thoughts about wellbeing – what it is, why paying attention to it is important (coronavirus or not) and where university leadership can have the biggest impact on the wellbeing of their employees.

An Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southampton, Nick’s work centres on homelessness and leadership development. His interests in employee and organisational wellbeing have resulted in involvement with multiple university-wide initiatives that consider culture, values and behaviours. He is currently championing a Faculty-led project to pilot an innovative approach to improving wellbeing in a university context.

Included in this podcast:

  • Wellbeing as a dynamic and complex issue

  • The role of the individual in relation to their organisation in personal resilience

  • The temptation and risk of adopting simple solutions to complex problems

  • Are you really listening to your people? What is the data telling you?

  • The need for compassion and validation of personal value and worth

  • Lessons learned from developing a strategic approach to wellbeing at Southampton

  • What university leadership can do about wellbeing (their own and others’) given the current environment

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