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Should great leaders live like drug addicts?

Once upon another time Michael Brody-Waite wanted to do nothing but drugs. He got kicked out of school, fired from his job and booted out of his house. Now he runs companies.

So what can this drug addict CEO teach us about leadership?

Recovery means living by a certain set of tried and true principles. In Michael’s TED talk (see below), the entrepreneur, award-winning three-time CEO, leadership coach and author shared three principles that saved him from death and set him apart as a leader.

Michael's three principles are a distillation of the 12 Steps - small enough to fit in a pocket, yet big enough to change a life:

  1. Practice rigorous authenticity

  2. Surrender the outcome

  3. Do the uncomfortable work

Michael's challenge to us is a powerful one - How might things change if all leaders practiced rigorous honesty, surrendered to the outcome and did the uncomfortable work as if their lives depended on it?

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