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A path to freedom from stuckness

We experience ‘stuckness’ with an issue where two opposing forces are at play; a strong desire to move forward struggles with an equally strong compulsion to stay put.

Consider wanting to leave our current job to start a new career, or to end a long-term relationship. Our ability to take action may be blocked by a range of doubts, hesitations, counter-arguments and guilty feelings. To act feels hard, yet doing nothing is hard too.

Often questions from supportive friends or colleagues start with "Why don't you..." and assume the person with the issue doesn’t know how to take action. What’s more likely is they are struggling with permission to act. As if they are subject to a form of ‘personal law’ that won’t allow them to progress.

Many of these restrictive, unspoken laws that impact on our adult lives originate in our early years. No one may have directly voiced the laws, but they’re there. We continue to remain loyal to those ideas, trapped in a cage we first formed as children.

It can be tricky to draw a connection between a childhood experience and the present day. However, long-term ‘stuckness’ is likely to occur when we’re butting up against some sort of law unknowingly inherited from childhood.

To explore this and three steps towards a freedom from feeling stuck, enjoy this short yet powerful video from The Book of Life...

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