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Ease your state of mind in stressful moments

When you need a calming moment, take five minutes to practice this simple yet effective grounding exercise, using a combination of conscious breathing and your five senses to focus you in the moment, rather than in your mind.

After taking some deep, slow, long, yet gentle 'belly' breaths in and out through your nose...

SEE 5 - What five things can you see? Large or small, at home or outdoors. Remember things above and below you, as well as around you.

TOUCH 4 - What four things can you feel? Use more than just your fingers and hands. Consider what's beneath your feet and against your skin.

HEAR 3 - What three things you can hear? Focus on external noises outside of your body and mind.

SMELL 2 - What two things can you smell? Notice how easy or challenging this may be to start with. Consider closing your eyes or gently covering your ears and what a difference that makes.

TASTE 1 - What one thing can you taste? Remember things that may not be food sources.

End this exercise with a long, deep, gentle breath in and then out through your nose.

Infographic source: The Monday Campaign's website.

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