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Why we get hooked and how we can break bad habits?

Like many of us (myself included!) Dr Jud Brewer is passionate about understanding how our brains work, and how to use that knowledge to help people make deep, permanent change in their lives.

As an addiction psychiatrist and internationally known expert in mindfulness training for treating addictions, Dr Jud has developed and tested novel mindfulness programs for habit change.

He encourages us to turn towards our experiences rather than trying to avoid them - supported by curiosity, which in itself is naturally rewarding. Curiosity feels good. When we get curious, we notice what going on in our minds and bodies as bite-sized pieces of experience we can manage from moment to moment.

His TED talk (below) offers food for thought on simple ways to break bad habits.

And his podcast with Dr Rangan Chattergee recorded in March 2020 offers a positive, pragmatic and calming insight into feelings and behaviours that can arise with increased levels of anxiety - shared with humour and humility.

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